Putting Your Company in the News

Earned Media and Branded News

What's the difference between Earned Media and Branded News?

Both are carefully crafted news stories, created by seasoned journalists at Media Message who strategically embed your company's key messages within each story. The main difference between Branded News and Earned Media is the way in which the stories are distributed.

Companies are required to pay for the advertising space that their Branded News stories occupy. This can be done by purchasing space in publications that offer Branded News opportunities, or by creating company-controlled news publications (print or electronic) that are developed and distributed by Media Message on our clients' behalf.

By comparison, Earned Media – which is often distributed in the same way as a news release – is printed for free as legitimate news by many of the media outlets that receive the stories. Earned Media requires additional research and story development in order to build legitimate news stories that will pass an editor's scrutiny.

Powerful Vehicles to Promote Your Brand

The Media Message approach to Earned Media and Branded News sets us apart from other advertising and PR firms because of:

  • The quality of news stories our journalists create. We know what it takes to write a real news story that grabs the attention of your stakeholders, and makes them want to read it.
  • The widespread news coverage we consistently generate with our Earned Media campaigns.

Both Branded News and Earned Media are powerful vehicles to connect with your stakeholders, and strong examples of our journalistic approach to marketing. Determining which one best fits your company's needs depends on the audience you are trying to reach.

Contact Media Message today to learn more about how Branded News and Earned Media could benefit your company.