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12 Tips On How to Get Your Blog Noticed, Pt 1

12 Tips On How to Get Your Blog Noticed – Part One

  • Publish Regularly
    It’s important to publish at regular intervals so readers know when to check back for new blog posts.
  • Grab Your Reader’s Attention – Fast!
    Readers will often only scan your headline and maybe the first sentence or two before deciding whether to read on or keep surfing. Focus on grabbing your reader’s attention with a catchy headline and a strong first paragraph that whets their appetite and persuades them to keep reading your blog.
  • Have a Relevant Title
    Try to use a title that differentiates your blog from similar blog posts on the Internet. The goal is to increase your chances of popping up in a Google search by choosing a title that’s unique, specific, and likely to match the search terms being used by potential customers. For example, if you serve agricultural clients, choosing a title such as “20 Apps for Agriculture” is more likely to show up when people are specifically looking for agricultural apps as opposed to a title that simply says “20 New Apps.”
  • Keep it Concise and Easy to Read
    Using a conversational style with simple language is the best way to get your message across to a wide audience. We recommend keeping blog posts brief – no more than 400 or 500 words if possible. Short paragraphs and lots of subheadings and bullets will also help make it an easy read.
  • Offer Excellent Content
    Provide engaging content that adds value for the reader. Start by identifying a key message that you want to deliver in the post and build three or four points around it. Focus on teaching them something they didn’t know. If you provide information that’s useful to them and positions your company as the expert, they are more likely to think of you when they’re ready to do business. Getting professional help with writing and editing can help make your blog content shine.
  • Blog About What You Know
    Talk about real life examples of how you have helped clients or made a difference in your industry. Offer opinions on industry issues you feel strongly about that may also impact your customers. Provide ‘How To’ articles. Sharing your knowledge and expertise will build on the trust that your customers have in your business and your products. If you reference outside sources to back up what you’re saying, make sure you’re completely confident they are trustworthy.

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